For those that could not make the assembly or if you just want to hear the word of God, the following

messages are made available as mp3 files. 

Select the file you want, put the cursor on .mp3, and click. It should start on its own.  Some browsers, for reasons unknown,

download the picture above first.  Should that occur, just back up one page and try again.

Please feel free to email us if you have a problem.


Gods Vision For You                        February 4th     2018                                                .mp3

Power of Attitude                   January 28, 2018                                      .mp3

Souled Out                                                                                             .mp3

Mission Possible                                                                                     .mp3

Finding True Peace                                                                                 .mp3

Mary's Song                                                                                           .mp3

Sanctification                                                                                          .mp3

Unity                                                                                                      .mp3

Choices Make Us                                                                                    .mp3

Three Questions                                                                                      .mp3

Wait In Faith                                                                                           .mp3

Do You Love Me      John 3:1-21                                                              .mp3

Don't You Know Me                                                                                .mp3

What Quenches Your Thirst?-John 4:10-26                                                .mp3

Conversation with Nicodemus- John 3:1-21                                               .mp3

The Christians Key To Victory- Revelation 12:11                                        .mp3

Gods Sure Way to Find Rest                                                                     .mp3

The Church That Made Jesus Sick -Revelation 3:-14-22                              .mp3

The Church That Kept The Faith -Revelation 3:7-13   August 20                 .mp3

The Church of The Living Dead-Revelation 3:1-6      August 13                   .mp3

Those Who Overcome Will Come Over -Revelation 21:7                             .mp3

Faithful                                                                                                    .mp3

Faith Unto Death                                                                                      .mp3

Where's The Love                                                                                    .mp3

The Truth About Freedom   John 8:30-36                                                  .mp3

What Are You Known For                                                                        .mp3

Fellowship                                                                                               .mp3

Discipleship                                                                                                                         .mp3

Nip It In the Bud                                                                                      .mp3

Mothers Day   2Timothy  May14, 2017                                                     .mp3

Overcoming Spiritual Opposition                                                               .mp3

 All In                                                                                                     .mp3

Life After Death                                                                                                                  .mp3

The Resurrection Changes Everything                                                        .mp3

What the Resurrection Proves                                                                   .mp3

He is Risen Matthew 28:1-10                                                                    .mp3

Is God Good Genesis 41:50-52                                                                 .mp3

Just Hold On Genesis 39-41- March 12, 2017                                            .mp3

Three Promises You Can Bank On Rev. 21:1-7 - March 5. 2017                  .mp3

Unlocking Chokehold of Fear - 2 Timothy 1: 7 February 19, 2017               .mp3

The Root of Bitterness  -  Hebrews 12: 14-15  February 5, 2017                                 .mp3

Oh That Tongue of Mine  -  James 3: 2-18      January 29, 2017                                 .mp3

Take Heed - 1Corinthians 10:12 - January 22, 2017                                                    .mp3

Soul Detox - 1Peter 2:11 - January 15, 2017                                             .mp3

Is There Room for Jesus?    December 11, 2016                                       .mp3

Part Three"The Spiritual Mind" Philippians Chapter 4, Dec 4, 2016            mp3

Guest Speaker Chris Rust on What We Should Be Doing For God              .mp3

Part two the Spiritual Mind Philippians Chater 3 November 20, 2016          .mp3

The Spiritual Mind: Phillipians 1: 12-26  November 6, 2016                        .mp3

Satan's Schemes: Knowing the Enemy 2 Corinthians 2: 11  October 16, 2016                      .mp3

Our Source of Strength - 1 Samuel 30: 6  October 9, 2016                          .mp3

Does God Care - How His Kingdom is Financed    October 2, 2016             .mp3  

Does God Care - How His Church is Organized -Ephesians 4: 11-13            .mp3

Does God Care - How I Worship August 28, 2016  John 4:23-26                  .mp3

Does God Care - How I Am Saved  August 21, 2016 2 Kings5:1-14              .mp3



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