Announcements for 2018


With the Lord's help, Gateway's Mortgage


has been payed off.


We are working on a celebration to thank all those involved.




The folks at Gateway have been on a mission

to see just how many different Nativity Scenes

are out there.

What they found out was, there are hundreds.


To be displayed again in December 2018

See Picture page for images




The Way Cafe

Is Opened

Bring out the Bible and lets Study


        Have a cup, get a chair,and pull out your Bible   


    Something going on each week

And we got shirts

See Tim or Martin



The volley Ball Court is all ready

At the Church


Welcoming The Troops Home



As the Troop Convoy Came by Gateway,


they got a warm Welcome Home


Freedom is Never Free.


  Always remember and honor

our service Men and Women.



Thank God for The Way to Salvation


Different World Views study Wednesday Evenings


REMEMBER -- The forth Sunday of each month is FAMILY SUNDAY.  A special message from Tim for the WHOLE family!!

 BIBLE STUDY: Please be with us on Wednesday evenings as we study different World views and how they relate to the Bible.  Ok.  You've read all the pricey books.

Thought about all the theories those writers had to say.  Now lets really read the book ourselves and see what t says about life, death, and salvation. 

Get into the Who What When Where and How of the books in the Bible.  Be able to make up your own mind!!

SUNDAY EVENING: ...Message from the Evangelist

Sunday Morning Classes

           Adults ...............Study on Books of the Bible


Saturday Prayer Breakfast:  At 8:00am each Saturday we meet at Millie's Road House in Vienna for their weekly prayer breakfast.  All are welcome.

 Ladies Morning Glories: These events are scheduled at different places and are listed in the Church Bulliten.

Ladies Crochet: Once a month get together at the Church for fellowship, training, and helping others in the name of Jesus

The RESTORATION HERALDS: are near the track rack in the foyer. Please feel free to take one home and read it.

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Sunday Morning

Sunday School
9:30 am — 10:20 am
(all ages)

Morning Worship
10:30 am

Sunday Evening:

Evening Worship
5:00 pm

Youth Group
5:00 pm

Wednesday Evening:

Wed. Bible Study
7:00 pm

Youth Group
7:00 pm